Friday, 9 June 2017

Venus Pool - Lesser Peckers!

I was hoping for the Osprey which has been hanging around the area for a while and managed to keep my eyes open checking out the nearby bushes from the memorial hide. Watching a Garden Warbler singing, I suddenly became aware of a Woodpecker dropping in close by... that looks small... crikey, small enough to be only one thing! A male Lesser Spotted Woodpecker :-)

And it was carrying food!

Imagine my surprise when this youngster flew in - another male...

They both sat there for a few seconds as the food was passed and then flew out of the back!

In the current climate, compared to Osprey, Lesser Pecker is probably the better bird!! They must be breeding nearby which is good news, probably the wood opposite the access road? Second juv in successive years too, a good omen!