Thursday, 29 June 2017

East Leake - Bee-eaters at work!!

This is probably the first time I've given my Achilles problem a bit of a 'test' since Scotland? It was worth it, despite the awful weather! Constant drizzle and overhead white-out are not exactly the ideal conditions for bird photography! But despite all that - I always relish the challenge of getting a few record shots out of a day like this - as a reminder of how endearing Bee-eaters are!  The habitat, a working quarry next to East Leake, a well organised twtich and obliging birds - in view for pretty much most of the day!

Having paid my fiver for the RSPB parking (£1 an hour or per Bee-eater is not bad value), I made the leisurely walk to the end of the Bridleway where all these images were taken...

The first views were in the hedge viewed across the pool!

But then most of the action was in and around... the most photographed Ash tree in the land? A celebratory toss :-)

And given the 100m + distance, having a bird in flight means less to crop!

Somewhat anaemic flight shots, but they will do as record shots, given the conditions!

The occasional individual did fly a bit closer, within about 50m of the viewing point...

But never close enough!

And how I wish the light had been better, bee much closer for this one? So many 'What ifs'!

There was one moment when I was relieved to be near the end of the viewing area as two birds flew by, pausing for a minute of so in the poolside twiggy stuff!

The two together...

I can't make my mind up for the final image - traditionally my favourite? The colour enhanced against the greenery or a wing flared arrival on the Ash...

I might even be tempted into a return - but not at the weekend!!