Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Ythan estuary - King Eider part 1

Today was meant to be my appointment with the Don Harlequin but with no new coming out for nearly a week, I opted to make a date with the Ythan's favourite visitor!

Considering I was only there for just over the hour, this post will be split into two parks (sooooo many images to work through!) The King Eider wasn't simply 'there'  - as I walked down to the dropping tide at Inches point - it was almost at my feet!! OK I exaggerate but pretty close :-)

It had also taken a shine to the Eider females.....

Looking a little perky to start off with?

A quick wash and brush up!

And then full steam ahead to impress the laydeeez

I'm soooo good looking :-)

But I can be coy?

Simply irresistable?

I'm sexy and I know it!!

And when all the courtship was done, time to crack open a few mussels (coming soon)