Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Iona - Corncrake

There's something special about Corncrake and I couldn't imagine not devoting one day to them when they are within reach (Iona)? Question was, would it remain dry??

 You always hear them at this time of year, sometimes you see glimpses. I sometimes think where these characters are concerned, 'less can mean more' image wise? The Iris, seen here in the field behind the fire station, were barely getting into full growth which augured well!

Utopia is capturing an image or two and less is more where these characters are concerned. This image was taken within a couple of minutes of walking off the ferry! I sensed better was to come?

One individual briefly in the open near the crossroads....

But it was the beach area which held the star performer of the day! Not exactly on the beach but in the shoreline vegetation. I joined a group of birders near the scene, sat down and waited....

Hmmm, now I'm thinking more is more!!

As it began to call, showing amazingly well....

Normality resumed shortly afterwards and with that nice clean background behind I decided to settle for less being more :-)

Rasping away for all it was worth!

You know, I'd got quite used to the peekaboo show by now and this is probably up there as my favourite?

And I didn't get wet!! Quite a day with some breathtaking scenery on the drive back through the South of Mull.

Hmmm some classic Hen Harrier habitat along here........