Monday, 4 May 2015

Ludworth Moor - Red-throated Pipit!!!

I t was a slightly anxious bank holiday drive for me plus a local trio (Dave Western, Mike Stokes and John Reeves) up to a sunny Ludworth Moor east of Manchester. We had waited for news, disbelieving any chance the summer pluamged Red-throated Pipit would actually stick?? It had!!! Then almost immediately 'disappeared'.

Nevertheless, it was back in view on arrival and was scope ticked from the road before heading up the track to this lovely panorama.....

What you can't see is the electrified fence hastily erected to avoid the bird being flushed!! Every twitch should have a barrier - natural or otherwise :-)

And this is why!!

With one serial offender on site, constantly moaning he couldn't go in and shove his lens up the poor birds arse, we all got to have cracking views :-) :-)

Never seriously close, it still put on a terrific show.....

 All angles were covered!

Always amusing to listen to the directions given out to fresh arrivals.... "It's just behind the sheep"

Oh - that one!!

I guess the nearest pass was about 25m distant - other got a bit luckier earlier but I'll settle for these!

There was only one more thing to do? Mike had a a pack of Tunnock's.....

Crikey, two UK  ticks in the space of one week...... I've woken from my birding slumber?

Every moor should have one!? I'd better get up the Longmynd !!!