Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Loch na Keal - White-tailed Eagle take 1

I could never tire of photographing (or trying to!) White-tailed Eagles. I won't bore you with my efforts from the loch side the previous day, white sky and uncooperative birds didnt' help.

Two opportunities now beckoned - aboard 'Lady Jayne' skippered by Martin Keivers of Mull Charters. With patchy blue skies, this first chance couldn't fail - or could it??

The Eagle chicks had been ringed the previous day and neither adult seemed to be in the mood for flight! Nothing is ever guaranteed where wildlife is concerned! There was just one encounter with the local male - here's the best of the limited action.....

The arrival - and despite the blue skies, with the early afternoon sun high in the sky, the underwing is destined to be in shadow.....

A brief sequence is the 'sweet spot' of blue sky and not backlit!

A shallow dive against the sky....

And then, the land.......

It was worth it for this particular image?

And I'm eager to have another go!!

Guillemot, Gannet, Herring, Common and Great Black-backed Gulls were also for the frame and may get some attention one winters eve? Moving along the coast a seawatch turning up a couple of Manx Shearwaters. After a pub meal, what better end than a male Hen Harrier from the car at Grass point!


  1. An amazing set of images, Jim. I keep promising myself a return to Mull and, if I do, the Mull Charters trip is a must.

  2. It sure is and there's more to come.......