Monday, 16 June 2014

Cley Marshes - Marsh Harriers etc

A bit of a late getaway for a week in Norfolk which was geared around a talk (work) whilst chilling with plant friends on the plant scene (rest) then getting amongst the birds - play :-)

The late getaway was significant as the Red-necked Phalarope present first thing did a flyaway!! There were plenty of the regulars present (Avocet, Blackwits etc) and of course Marsh Harriers!

After taking in their antics quartering the reed beds....

I got one of my closest ever encounters!

No shortage of Spoonbills in the area (11 seen!) Often mobile and here's three engaged in synchro formation :-)

Choseley Barns produced my first Turtle Dove of the year  - record shots on the ground and then on the wires!

 It's back to try and improve on my Spectacled Warbler images in the morning.....