Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Burnham Overy - Spectacled Warbler up close!

Always go back.... (if you can?) I'd planned to spend one morning of the week hoping for some better images of the Spectacled Warbler than the previous visit? It was certainly quieter, in fact when I arrived - there was only one birder on site! After about 30 mins, a burst of song pinpointed the position and the next hour produced fleeting glimpses interspersed with the occasional burst of song.......

Distracting backgrounds seemed to be the norm and this one nearly got rid of the bramble clutter!

A few more birders were now on site and the inevitable 'push' ensued!  I decided to stay up in the area where the boardwalk ends after the walk in. The particularly high tide seemed to have encouraged it to feed here on occasions!

I was sat waiting on the edge of the boardwalk, when I spotted a small bird flying my way, a burst of song confirmed the identity and then something quite unbelievable happened - it flew again landing in a small bush less the 10m away from me!!

It was initially out of sight on the far side of the bush but gradually worked its way to the centre, giving unbelievably close views!

I was joined by a couple of birders walking in - they surely couldn't belive their luck either!!

As close as you would want and at last - feather detail :-)

It was totally unconcerned with the small group of onlookers and carried on feeding as normal.....

Nearly coming right out in the open

And this was about as 'open' a shot as was possible?

I almost needed to pinch myself as it briefly burst into song in full view and despite the need to crop away the bush - here's a 'rarity' birding moment to match any I can remember... and  I wont be forgetting in a hurry!

Who cares about clutter anyway, seeing the bird the previous week had been the key objective but always go back if you get the chance to see something special once more - you just never know when your luck will be in......

Maybe I should have bought that lottery ticket?