Sunday, 1 December 2013

Wyre Forest - Two-barred Crossbill

It was a late start in the hope of yet another County lifer? Nothing had pushed out on my phone until first thing Sunday morning, I'd somehow missed the earlier news but never late than never, I was on site by 10.15. Trouble was, the Two-barred Crossbills had temporarily 'done one' from one of their favoured sites by the log pile so it was question of being patient!

There were well over 100 Siskin in the area plus 20-30 Common Crossbill, over an hour had elapsed - it was turning into a dour struggle!

And then -the distinctive call which had previously resulted in 'heard but not seen' turned  into..... crikey how's that for a tickable view!!! This male was some 50 metres distant but who cares, on the list and what a smart little stunner!

That was that as far as photography was concerned. There were three Two-bars (2 males and 1 female) present, heard  periodically and on two occasions announcing themselves before flying overhead - sadly not stopping!