Saturday, 7 December 2013

Marshside - Baikal Teal

Crossens Outer Marsh to be precise for the 'discussion' bird of the moment - Baikal Teal.  My timing was perfect getting a prime parking spot, close to the embankment access just after the Teal had been found! A bit of a trek along the embankment for the tick and obligatory record shot, it was a looooong way off!

Eventually with the small gallery building up even more, I decided to relocate to the end of Marine Drive where it appeared to be closer looking back over the marsh.

It was closer, probably half the distance but still in the record shot only zone, nevertheless, the images give a good representation of key features!

Not much happening initially as it was asleep!

Eventually waking up, is that a hint of black developing on the cheek here.......

And then starting to feed.

A wingflap and underwing view.....

Eventually something spooked most of the ducks.....

Spot the Baikal :-)