Thursday, 3 January 2013

Shropshire Slimbridge

Here's your daily Green-winged Teal pics :-) taken at 9.30 this morning.  In open water yet again (for approx 45 seconds!!)....

Kris Webb was there and after we had decided enough was enough (it retreated into the trees and wasn't seen again for  30 mins) We decided to have a bit of a trawl around elsewhere, ending up viewing the flooded fields East of Melverley with the permission of a farmer.  Despite trees and hedges hiding a significant number of birds, minimum estimates from here (scope essential!!): c200 Pintail, c250 Wigeon and c400 Common Teal, 3 Shoveler, there were a good number of Canada / Greylag Geese and Kris picked out a Dark-bellied Brent Goose amongst them.

Now this is what I call a record shot!

See that black smudge just right of centre - Brent Goose - honest!

Who knows what else could be lurking in this general area?

Despite checking out a couple more nearby lanes and meeting more friendly farmers no Whoopers seen. 
The Green-winged Teal was still skulking in the trees at 3.50 when we returned there. No, I didn't get the camera out this time!

Kris will no doubt have the story to tell at