Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Polemere - Green -winged Teal

With the now year just 37 hours old, what should happen? I got a phone call from Martyn Owen, which usually means a good bird - even better on this occasion, potential County tick coming up - Green-winged Teal at Polemere!

Problem was, I'd just started a Gull session at Telford, abruptly put on 'hold' as I carefully navigated my way to Polemere in record time :-)

Little was I to know just how much of a skulker this was to become! It was on the water on arrival though :-) Always very distant and serious record shot territory only but the sun shone briefly :-)

A cruise over to the left hand bank and a bit of a preen.....

flashing his white stripe at this fair British maiden :-)

Unbelievably, she fell for his charm!!

Lots of dodgy little hybrid Teal imminent?

What a brilliant start to the New Year :-) I like 'round figures' and the County list now moves up to 220 - the new birds just keep coming........ Thanks once again Martyn!