Friday, 11 January 2013

Horsehay - Caspian Gull

I bumped into Kris at Candles where there wasn't much on offer and with fog obscuring most of the Gull, we decided to check Horsehay Pool out. Reevsey was there checking out a decent number of Gulls in the pea-soup!

There were quite a few Herring types and I picked out a pristine white head out towards the far bank.....

Eventually, with all the Gulls 'sticking' there were a few moments when the density of the fog eased and the Gull came nearer.... One BIG male bird!

The black primary tops indicated a 3rd Winter bird and eventually for what it was worth,  a brief flight followed!

We thought it had gone but soon circled and returned!

Probably the best view of the session with the fog briefly lifting!

With the closer views cam a little unease at the identity but there was no denying the 'first impression' that it had to be a Caspian Gull. Yes there were a few features shared by 3rd Winter Yellow-legged Gull but many features consistent with Caspian Gull (black band on p4, mantle shade, leg colour and bill. Fortunately Tom Lowe had seen Kris's images and confirmed he was in no doubt that this was a pretty good example of a big male Caspian Gull