Sunday, 18 November 2012

Wrexham - Waxies by the 100!

Another Waxwing spectacular and with the Ruthin birds failing to reappear during the morning, a most effective plan B was formulated....

Jim ended up in hospital (grounds that is) with in excess of 100 Waxwings strutting, tossing and berrying their stuff.....

Quite mobile, it took 30 minutes plus to work out where that were actually feeding?

Yep - there! I won't even try to explain and if it was a weekday, security would have probably asked me to leave :-)

Off they go again......

Let's start with something a little different? Artistic or what?

A straightforward pose.....

Add a berry......

And a little bit of tongue? Welcome to the Waxwing circus :-)

The performing seal routine?

With tongue into the action!

 Front somersault with pike?

The sword swallower - how do they get these cannonballs down?

The tighrope walk?

Is this the clown with a hair-raising sized berry!

 I don't think I could tire of  their antics :-) Especially when juggling / tossing those berries!

Could do with some local birds showing well now!