Saturday, 10 November 2012

Cantlop - another Black Redstart!

Having enjoyed the Black Redstart on my South Wales trip last Sunday (some 120 miles away!) Tom Lowe put the news out this morning   - one present on his garage roof! A mere 5 miles away this time...

After being tied up all morning, I got there early afternoon to the amusing sight of it perched on a timeclock in the garage! I never got that shot but after a brief shower and the weather brightening up the bird spent most of the time on the apex of the house roof :-)

With the obvious yellow gape, clearly a 1st Winter bird and with a wing panel visible in most lighting conditions possibly a male?

Here's the highlights of card one! Starting at the rooftop.....

Occasional brief flights were made down the roof, chasing flies....

Perched nicely on the edge :-)

Here comes another kamikaze fly!

Down the hatch....

A cup of black coffee (cheers Tom!) then on with Card 2 -  the bird in familiar territory with a neat job of the flashing :-)

Black Redstarts perch in a no messing upright attitude!

 A bit of entomology coming up :-)

This was a bit of a brute - large chequered ?? Flesh fly which took a while to swallow!

Even bigger was this strange ? Hover fly.....

which after a struggle, eventually got away! seems to have a white face and short ovipositor or is it just hairs (answers on a post card please)

Minus one leg!

A nice return home for Tom and just four of the locals turned up today. A couple of Waxwings in Oswestry as well.....  I stuck with the Black Redstart until dusk but reckon you will be seeing some Waxwings here very soon?