Sunday, 25 November 2012

Allgold - Waxwings

The Centurion Park flock was a nightmare to photograph (mainly due to the dire light) so I was hoping for something remotely decent from the Belvedere mob? I arrived to find just five in a tree overlooking the usual tree....

Problem was, they were clearly using a  tree in someone's back garden!! With Geoff Holmes present having originally found roaming birds in the area, we counted up to 30 - relocated in a large birch near to the feeding tree.

Having waited for 30 mins or so with nothing happening, it was nice of one of the residents (David Peck - a regular at VP) to invite me into the back garden where at least you could see the tree they were feeding on - over his garden fence! No point in posting lots of 'already done that' shots but here's the least cluttered images of the 10 mins or so when the sun shone - I deleted the rest!

Caption competition? I wonder how many entries would read 'Where's the berries then'?

There were some left, going fast though!

Twice as fast now!

Cheers David and Pat!! I will hopefully return..... Oh and the maximum count was 35 Geoff!

And if you haven't scrolled down to see the Wrexham circus show here's a quick link