Sunday, 15 January 2012

Always go back! - Shorties once more

It doesn't necessarily pay off to return to the scene of a good day's birding but I took the chance an even better display would be on the cards today! I'd decided to try a change of tactic by sitting in the car away from the main gallery and hoping for a 'fly past'?

Four hours later at 3.30, it had been a complete no show and whilst nearly nodding off, I was beginning to question the decision.....

Then, at 3.40, one Shortie got up and started to hunt. It wasn't long before it was looming larger in the viewfinder (a few cropped images on the closer images).

Ever nearer......

Eyes gleaming in the warm glow of the setting sun!

Eventually it was quartering right in front of me, I missed a lot (it was not easy from the car to keep up with such a fast manoeuvreable subject with a 500mm lens!)

I'll settle for these though?

What a moment :-)

Finally, moving into the direction of the light as the sun set....

Good night!

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