Monday, 25 April 2011

Llanymynech - Pearl-bordered Fritillaries

I had to have another go at these beauties! Success too with males and females posing well in the morning sunshine!

The main focus of the Pearl-bordered Fritillary colony at Llanymynech
rocks is just a stones throw across the border into Powys but they are
frequently encountered on the Shropshire side. Either way, it wasn't
long before I was in business......

Females with slightly duller orange brown colouration were generally the
more obliging of the sexes to watch and photograph, they seemed much
more likely to bask and pose.....

A nice association with Ground Ivy, a typical foodplant.

One individual seemed to be laying eggs on the bracken litter?

Whilst another gave a classic underwing pose, the seven 'pearls' which
edge the underside of the hindwing plus the additional TWO pearls
separate this species from Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary (which has
more pearls forming a colourful mozaic). I hope to add this species

The males were much more flighty but I did manage a few basking shots.
These were more showy, and more brightly coloured.

Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary before long then.....