Saturday, 23 April 2011

Llanymynech - Butterflies on the Rocks!

One of my resolutions this year was to continue the 'insect' theme from time to time, throughout the Spring and Summer. As Saturday morning was wasted chasing prescriptions for the early onset of my Hay Fever, I devoted the afternoon to a bit of early Butterfly fever - at Llanymynech Rocks - for a couple of Skippers, a Hairstreak and a special Fritillary...

Green Hairstreak
was the most common target species, the afternoon heat making life difficult as they were so mobile!

Small Copper
were also plentiful and I guess I'll be seeing many more of these as the season progresses.....

Dingy Skipper may not be a showstopper but they are a challenge and pretty hard work being so small and difficult to get close to.....

Grizzled Skipper were even scarcer and my goodness do they shift - especially when a lens is pointed in their direction!

And finally, the highlight! Pearl-bordered Fritillary. Took quite a while to find the main colony and then most of the afternoon to get one to stop! This is my one and only photo opportunity! I guess that means another visit then :-)

Also seen were: Holly Blue, Orange Tip, Large White, Red Admiral and Speckled Wood.

It'll be Dragonfly time before you know it (Oh and there will be plenty more birds too!!)