Sunday, 6 February 2011

Jim's off to the Med!

It’s February and I make no apology for the seasonal look at Gulls - there isn’t anything much of note about anyway! I had to pick Gemma up from Swansea and with the Mumbles just a couple of miles down the road, I had an opportunity to check out the local Med Gulls?

Having driven down through torrential rain, the mist an drizzle was a slight improvement but any chance of action shots was completely out of the question! Never mind, a perfect opportunity for the full range of developmental plumages to be recorded……

First Winter Mediterranean Gull with characteristic dark eye mask, dark legs, strong bill and variable plumage...

Second Winter Mediterranean Gull

Adult Winter Mediterranean Gull

Including a couple of ringed birds, both regular returners to the area - 3E40 was ringed as a pullus at Antwerpen BELGIUM on 3rd June 2006

White 3K80 ringed as a 3CY bird at Antwerpen BELGIUM on 19th May 2005

Some close ups to follow.....