Monday, 31 January 2011

Stubbers Green - Ice and Iceland

Blue skies, great light and a Monday afternoon off work! The Black-throated Diver was tempting but ice cover had scuppered that opportunity. A plan 'B' in the form of a visit to Stubbers Green was formulated and arriving at about 2.00pm, I bumped into Martyn Yapp, locked onto the 'sometimes in often out' 2nd Winter (or is it a 3rd Winter - still can't decide!)Iceland Gull (not bad at my second attempt!)

It was certainly the centre of attention as far as we and the other Black-headed Gulls were concerned! Afternoons at Stubbers's Green from the road side have one down side - you're looking into the sun! Oh well, here goes....

I was beginning to think the most exciting thing it would do was turn it's head....

When I got a wingflap!

The rest of the time was spent watching it occasionally relocate on the ice (always into the sun) before eventually flying off back to the tip or Chasewater??