Saturday, 22 January 2011

Longnor - Dippers

It was dip-dip-dip a week ago with not a Dipper to be seen. Good news today, the pair were obligingly waiting for a quick photo call (I only seem to call in January -memo to self - must put that to rights!!)

Here's the delightful twosome.....

The next good news was that they didn't fly off but proceeded to search for food.....

Ever wondered why they are calleed Dippers?

They are quite adept at 'swimming' around for food

Or maybe this is the reason?

Whether they are hunting, swimming or dipping - they are fascinating birds to watch.

They sometimes stand still too!

Next stop Bury Ditches and I was virtually there when news of a Glaucous Gull present at Telford - Trench Pool, came through - I was feeling a little bit 'twitchy'....