Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Newport - frosty Waxwings (Take 2)

One thing about the Newport Waxwings, whilst flighty from time to time, they were entirely predictable! So when the flock flew off from Stafford Road (a rather noisy delivery van/man!) it was time to do the shopping at Waitrose....

Except I never got anywhere near the door! They were already posing nicely!

The berry toss!

The ice crystal explosion as a berry is plucked! I'd set my heart on this sort of 'shot' in my mind but didn't quite manage or keep in focus the angle I wanted, this Waxie looking like something from the Evil Dead?

Acrobatics come easy to Waxwings, try eating your dinner whilst standing on your head!

Perfect conditions now....

Two for the price of one!

Off to digest the latest pickings!

It wasn't easy to ignore these guys either!

Saving the best until last - perfect poses on in perfect light and just look at those frosted berries, what a spectacle!

I've not tired of them yet but I'm not sure I will get a moment like this again in a hurry.....