Saturday, 18 December 2010

Meole Brace - Retail Park Therapy

Heavy overnight and more snow falling snow meant travelling was not much of an option so I opted for a little retail park therapy - Meole Brace Retail Park to be precise.

Berries were on offer and for once the Waxwings were upstaged....

Using the car as a hide meant I could keep warm and an obliging Mistle Thrush put in an appearance close by......

Those berries look good enought to eat!

Mmmmmm, delicious :-)

The poor light and near constantly falling snow meant the Waxwings were never going to be up to the standard of late but at least they were there. My first Shrewsbury birds of the year posing for the camera! I counted a definite 62 and there may have been more?

They looked better in group shots but through the snow here's a couple of close ups!

And more berries down the hatch!

I even finished my Christams shopping off!

A familiar sight, -8'C and icicles everywhere.....