Thursday, 1 April 2010

APRIL 1st 2010 - The wind up

What started off as an April 1st wind up backfired a little bit…….

With Polar Bears, Eagles and Unicorns turning up all over the UK – it didn’t occur to me that anyone would find a Ptarmigan and Snow Bunting ousted by the Scottish snowfall, turning up in SHROPSHIRE credible??? My mistake was to mention the ‘Summer plumaged’ Snow Bunting first and ‘hook line and sinker’ the rest is history and took quite a few phone calls to clear up…

First Birdnet, then RBA and finally Birdguides perpetuated the scam – I got them to update sightings as ‘erroneous’. All this, while I was 100 miles away in Sheffield looking after Gemma performing in the UK national swimming champs – so no birding tomorrow….

Finally, fao all the bird news services (apart from April 1st 2010) everything you see / read about here is genuine with no strings attached! (Honest…..)

If you look here some familiar birds may appear......