Sunday, 21 March 2010

Leighton Moss - Green-winged Teal

One of those 'spur of the moment' decisions led me to desert a very quiet Venus Pool and join the local SOS field trippers at Leighton Moss. At least there would be waders plus and a few other good birds to see?

I suppose the bird of the day (from a year tick point of view) had to be the drake Green-winged Teal visible from Grizedale hide! I say visible but it did encroach within 60m or so - about as near as I've had the pleasure with this particular species....

Joining in the courtship rituals....

Calling and displaying a very smart hood!

Eventually coming a little bit closer but record shots only were the order of the day!

Just down the road in the field adjacent to the level crossing were the wintering trio of Snow Geese. Not the most atmospheric of backdrops however!

A juvenile Peregrine was terrorising the inhabitants of the reed bed too!

Now then - onwards, to continue with 'The Blog what I wrote', linking to the area's favourite son and celebrity birder - Eric John Bartholomew!