Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Grimley - Slavonian Grebe

Grimley Worcs, is the nearest village to 'Top Barns watersports centre' and destination for Jim plus 'Feathered Friend' for a few hours attempting to get some quality images of a very obliging Slavonian Grebe.

Setting the scene - a small rectangular fishing pool, reedmace lined margin, home for a few Mallards, Coot and Moorhen. The interloper can be seen in the second pic.....

Present for a week now, just my luck to pick the only overcast day of the week! Apart from the distinctive red eye (quite creepy looking seen head on) almost like a black & white image.....

There were just a few moments during the day when the sun peeked through, enough to get a portrait or two in the better light.

Then some amazing opportunities to witness small Perch being caught!

The aim of the day... The bird, a fish and hopefully a nice combination of the two??

The standard fare here was small Perch - I can't think of a more attractive fish to feature? Relative to the size of the bird, the Perch were not that small and after one or sometimes two snacks, the Slav would retreat to the middle of the pool for 20 mins or so to digest..... Sort of like watching Waxwings on water!

First - catch your fish!

Next - align it head first so those spiky fins can fold down when swallowing!

Hold tight and with a quick toss of the head , down she goes.....

Resistance is useless.....

Astonishingly, a drake Mallard seemed to be taking note of the Grebe's antics and proceeded to adopt a 'copycat' approach to food!!

Did I really just see that?

Somewhat distant, a wash and preen gave an opportunity for some more Slav action of a different nature!

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