Friday, 26 March 2010

Devon - Breakfast Cirls

My overnight stay was 15 miles East of Exeter, I had to be up bright and early with breakfast at the wheel, to catch some Cirl Buntings! There are a few well known sites in Devon but the Broadsands bay one takes some beating - until I find a better one, this is the best for me!!

I wasn't alone either and a would be joggger turned out to be a Tai Chi freak, intent on kicking the living daylights out of fresh air - don't worry - I was at least 100m away from this whirling dervish!

It was Cirl Buntings from the word go, several males singing and eventually showing themselves.....

There weren't too many opportunities on the ground but with a little patient waiting....

Male Cirl Buntings are such beautiful birds and even classier in close up!

Not many females around but I eventually got one to pose!

Daylight was burning and the next call was at Dawlish Warren - surf was up though, the strong wind making the chances of locating the Surf Scoter less than good.

Despite a couple of hours wandering up and down the dunes and even rounding the point, there was no sign of the Surf Scoter. Other folk had more ingenious ways of tracking them down - have a look, I swear this guy has a camera in his harness getup? *

A few Common Scoter and a lone Eider were all that was seen in the surf and I did find some Brent Geese by the point....

Thinking it might be a good idea to move on, I glanced back in the direction of the car park - oh oh - another soaking - and it was!!

The rain then became pretty persistent but some good birds were still to come at Exminster Marshes: Spoonbill, large numbers of Bar-tailed Godwit, Black-tailed Godwit, Redshank, Curlew etc. More of the same with roosting waders at Bowling Green Marsh too.

* If you looked, you must be as daft as me.....