Friday, 9 October 2009

Venus Pool - Whooper splashdown!

A chance call at Venus Pool turned up a bird which (once easy!) has been a pretty difficult one to nail at the reserve for several years now!

An adult Whooper Swan.....

fresh in and with one thing on it's mind - to have a wash and brush up!!

A quick flap, whilst rearing up in all it's majesty! As I'm catching up - worth noting that it also turned up to roost the following two evenings (Sat/Sun)

More was to come with the arrival of a Bittern at 6.00pm - flying in and roosting in the willows on the far bank, directly opposite the main hide.

Hopefully it's here to stay all winter, it's highly likely that this is the same bird which overwintered last year? Same spot and roughly the same arrival date!