Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Upton Warren - Sabine's Gull

I was going to post a brief update explaining: I'm still alive, I haven't sold my photography gear, I'm still birding!! August 2009 has been the most barren period I can ever recall and I won't bore you with details what I've 'not seen'!

However..... a dipped first Summer Sabine's Gull at Upton Warren Sunday evening (the latest non-event) leads very nicely into this series of record shots!

Inland Sabine's Gulls are not exactly common and normally don't stick around so I was amazed to find out that after that Sunday evening no-show, it reappeared Monday evening. News of this was late coming out and I didn't get to hear until late on Tuesday (thanks Yvonne!) and decided on a whim to blast over there again!

So glad I did - it had flown in to roost much earlier than on previous occasions. The only challenge now, was to get through the hide door.......

Eventually I did and even managed to get the camera mounted! The Gull was clearly done in and ready for a good night's kip!

A tantalising glimpse of that utterly gorgeous, striking wing pattern!

Then a group pose, clearly showing the size difference and distinctive features!

It's not easy to capture flight from the back of a packed hide but something unseen spooked the Gull flock and gave a moment of opportunity....

Eventually in the fading light, a few static mementos of this classy Gull. A full adult with yellow bill tip and clean hood would have been nice but hey - I'm not complaining!!

After last year's (Staffs) juvenile Westport bird, two inland Sabine's Gulls within 40ish miles of home on the list - can't be bad - and I'm back in business.....

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