Sunday, 30 August 2009

Point Lynas - Seawatch

Fancy a seawatch without too much travelling? Point Lynas is the Westernmost tip of North Anglesey, on it's day can be pretty spectacular and only two hours from home! I'd tempted Andy Latham into a session there on the strength of maybe a decent Shearwater?? Trouble was, pretty settled conditions, a fairly calm sea and direct offshore wind - not exactly good omens!! You never can tell though.......

Despite the conditions, there were plenty of Manx Shearwater within range with bins. Given the wind blown drizzle and distance involved, the camera gear stayed in the bag (BIG mistake!). Just fifteen minutes or so into the session Andy picked up a Balearic Shearwater! I was concentrating on getting good scope views and we had at least a minute or two of contact. The Manxies were flying both West and East and there was obviously a rich food source 1/2 mile or so out to see where a line of at least 200 were congregated! It wasn't long before we got more good views of Balearic again - the same or a different bird - impossible to tell?

Muttering expletives, the camera finally came out and I took a few record shots of Manxies (realising now just how well within range they were!!) whilst waiting something else special to fly by.....

There was no shortage of Gannets - plenty of fish and plenty of plunges - just too far out for a premier shot!

We had three Artic Skuas by as well, two dark morphs and this one was the closest.

Two away-days on the trot and good birds from both of them. Tempting to stay local for the Monday - we shall see.......

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