Saturday, 1 August 2009

Kingfisher - makes a splash

The morning was scuppered by not just one but two of those dreaded orange warning lights in the Enterprise and the garage fix is going to be another week! Shropshire birding only then!! Oh well, Yvonne offered me a lift and we took up the challenge of finding the Common Cranes which had been reported at Wood Lane over the past two days! No sign, despite a couple of hours searching the area - the only decent bird was a Blackwit dropping onto the scrape!

A final hour at Venus Pool and fish were on the menu.....

Speaking of fish, I hadn't really connected with Kingfisher this year - that was all about to change......

Not the most impressive catch?

Portraits in the bag, the challenge for a 'plunge' pic was taken on! This really is the most difficult of shots - there is very little time to react. A good command of spatial awareness is needed - without looking through the viewfinder - point and focus, firing a burst at the 'right area' as the bird dives - keeping your fingers crossed all the time!

Just one 'keeper' out of several attempts but worth all the effort!!

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