Saturday, 9 August 2008

Venus Pool - Honey Buzzard finale!!

Having sadly turned down both a Cornwall pelagic and seat for the Dorset Lesser Grey Shrike due to domestic commitments, an uneventful? session at VP was all I had in prospect...

I had hopes of an unuusal wader dropping in and Dunlin (3), Common Sandpiper(1), Green Sandpiper (1), LRP (2) plus a Common Snipe were all I had to show for my efforts. At least one of the Dunlin flew close enough for a record and flight shot.....

The usual suspects put in appearance ( do I really need another Kingfisher pic??) I like this one though!

A young Green Woodpecker too.

The family of Goldfinch on the thistle heads in front of the the hide just had to be captured!

After a mid-morning adjournment, I returned for more punishment after lunch! The rest is now history! Sat in the main hide, I might not have got onto a very special bird so quickly were it not for the House Martin flock to bunch up in alarm! Hmm, Hobby approaching I thought - I turned my attention skywards....

Then, in from the North West came a large Buzzard sized raptor being mobbed by a couple of Crows. This was not an ordinary 'Common' however, having seen them previously in Norfolk, that unmistakable Cuckoo like flight and leading head lead me to an immediate - OMG Honey Buzzard conclusion!!!

I had seconds to grab the camera and get a record shot - underexposed and the bird swiftly heading away but the unmistakable profile and underwing/body pattern, even given these two dodgy creations - both clinchers. It was all over in seconds as the HB diverted flight in the general direction of the Wrekin......

After dipping this species recently at Swanton Nover, a needed UK year tick (233) and County addition (155 now for 2008!!) No doubt Geoff or Graham will let me know whether this is a first for Venus Pool?? Can't see it on the SOS site species list for the site!
Anyone want to come birding with me tomorrow - lucky Jim indeed!!

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