Sunday, 1 June 2008

Venus Pool - Garganey finale

This has certainly been an 'up and down' weekend. Saturday was ruined when the Ingleby Red-foot decided to do a flyer. Yvonne C had succumbed to temptation for her first real out of County twitch too - this is the downside....

A consolation cracking Summer plumage Slav Grebe at Gailey went some way to ease the disappointment - strictly distant record shots though!

Sunday started with a drake Garganey at VP found by Dave Western - again distant! I opted to have another go at the Slav, trying for a closer view.... (you guessed it - another one doing a flyer!)

A quick call in at Crudgington where the Cranes (still distant) have settled - they even treated the group of birders to a dance routine - Springwatch eat your heart out!

The County year list has not really been occupying my thoughts this year but with seven lifers, I did some totting up and there is a very good chance now of demolishing last year's efforts? Two more County year ticks (Willow Tit and Cuckoo) were added at Whixall Moss and subject to checking, I think I'm just one off the 150 up!!!....

Then, back to VP for a quick finale. The Garganey was asleep on the island and I was just about to depart when he suddenly developed a fixation for a drake Mallard! Obligingly, the Mallard cruised from the island to the mud in front of the hide (with me not quite believing my luck!)

A quick stroll on terra firma......

...... before flying back to the island - the lowlights are now forgotten!

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