Friday, 6 June 2008

Birdguides - Pic of the week!!

I get so much pleasure out of bird photography and for most of the time, record shots whilst birding and just having fun are the norm. Just once in a while however, that special moment comes along - every birder with a camera will know what I mean.

You see the potential, get those few seconds of opportunity, and hopefully - all the things you've practised in getting the exposure spot on, the focus where you want it, fast enough shutter speed - come good......

Many thanks to everyone who emailed and commented or just browsed, just sorry there could only be one pic selected - there were some awesome images in contention this week!!

If you haven't seen it - here it is, (low res)......


  1. Well done Jim nice one mate.

  2. I saw it on Birdguides and it was a worthy winner.