Monday, 2 June 2008

Kent - American Gold

Regulars to this blog will not need reminding that my routes from A to B can sometimes be a little tortuous! It will come as no surprise to learn then that my journey down to Surrey for Tuesday evening started off with a stop in East Kent!!

Trouble was - the weather (torrential rain) which certainly put a dampener on proceedings. And then, the Terek Sandpiper I was originally aiming for, was in an MOD firing range (active during weekdays!!) - there was no access....

So, an American Golden Plover was destined to be only excitement? It had been seen very close to the path at Pegwell bay at high tide. By the time I arrived it was about to disappear towards the horizon!

Resplendant in full Summer plumage, this was quite a bird and it really stood out well through the scope. I risked an equipment soaking for a couple of shots in the gloom and these dreadful atmospheric record shots serve as a reminder to me how bad the weather was! There were other waders about: Knot, Dunlin, Golden Plover and a Curlew Sandpiper. A Temmincks Stint recently seen here was not on show!

After drying out in the car, I headed West, through the gloom of Dungeness to Rye harbour. A quick evening session in the 'Wader hide' followed with an obliging Redshank or two for company nearby.....

My 1.4x converter is out of action so I opted to go in close with the 2x, results are acceptable when the bird is nearby, colours were lost in the poor light and rain though......

Fingers crossed for a better day tomorrow?

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