Thursday, 14 January 2021

On this day (Jan 14th)... 2017 - Scaup trio!

 Flashback to Jan 14th 2017 and more wildfowl, this time three Scaup at Colemere...

I was on my way to the Mere gull roost, stopped off at Colemere and with the 3 Scaup right out in the middle of the mere, decided to check out the wood? A few Redpoll and a Treecreeper were the only worthwhile birds seen and with the clock ticking away, I retraced my steps... only to find the Scaup had now paddled within camera range!!!

I literally gave them 5 minutes but still managed to get some half decent record shots in the gathering gloom!

Ladies first - the female...

And the first winter male showing off his developing plumage!

The adult male always an irritating distance behind the youngster, impossible to get them both in focus!

But just about managed all three as they drifted away....

The Mere roost beckoned, only a few minutes lost!