Wednesday, 13 January 2021

On this day (Jan 13th)... 2008 - female Ring-necked Duck!

On this day... 13th January 2008 there was a female Ring-necked Duck at Monkmoor Sewage Works. Give that most folk can't get in there now, I sometimes wonder what has been overlooked...

Here's the original blog post (from the dark ages of formatting! some pics do not resize...)

A return of the female Ring-necked Duck to Monkmoor, a kind offer from Geoff Holmes to open Fort Knox! Same bird, same attitude - asleep or just lazing there - pretending to be asleep. Than a bit of a stretch, preen and yawn.....


Then a  circuit around the island - some wideawake views (in the gloom)! 

Poor light but not an 'everyday' bird for the Shire!??