Monday, 24 August 2020

Dudmaston - Small Red-eyed Damselfly action!

I sensed that my earlier visits to Dudmaston were a little premature as Small Red-eyed Damselflies get into their stride as 'Red-eyed' are on the way out?  Today's visit was a good move as there were plenty on show and even better, they were showing rather well with one thing on their mind!

Let's get the male pose out of the way and then action all the way!

First find your partner...

Eggs are finally laid...

And with the sun shining for a change, a chance for reflections?

I don't know what to make of these few group shots, more like a frenzied orgy with unattached males just waiting for their chance? Up to eight individuals on this lily stem (with confusing reflections!)

This shows the romantic 'caveman style' just drag her along whilst a few eggs are unloaded?

With females disappearing from the lake at a rate of knots once they are let go from mating, the best chance of studying female colour patterns was by a judicious crop! The base colour starts off yellow green in youngsters, developing via green to blue. This is a young female!

While this one is progressing nicely developing a lot of blue! I suspect there are no really mature forms about at this stage of development.

Waiting room... there's always a male standing by in case the female becomes 'available'!