Saturday, 15 August 2020

Aston Locks - Slender Groundhopper

I've been working my way through all the species of Orthoptera found in Shropshire and Groundhoppers have been a source of frustration. They are so small and by the time their nymphs (not to mention other grasshoppers) have been eliminated, all the effort amounts to nothing!

So whilst this little chap is a Groundhopper, it 'could ' be Common or Slender!

No doubt about this one below though, a Slender Groundhopper and possibly my most difficult target, an adult with vestigial forewings! The long wings and pronotum clearly extend beyond the tip of the abdomen for an easy ID...

So, just Common Groundhopper, Dark Bush / Bog Cricket and Lesser Marsh Grasshopper to go for the life list plus Oak Bush Cricket for this year?