Saturday, 14 September 2019

Long Mynd - Lapland Bunting!!!

Wow, what a bird! One that simply everyone needed for their county list and a showy little stunner! Well done John Reeves for having a plan and sticking to it, and thanks to Dave C for the timely call!

It was faithful to a short stretch of the Shropshire Way near Robin Hooh Butts car park and despite all their efforts, Mountain Bikers, Walkers, Every man / woman and their dog... nothing was going to shift it - even if it did have to fly around for a short while!

Favouring the edge of the path, where most of the seed was presumably?

And despite the low morning sun being a bit of a problem, it was giving some amazing opportunities!

I guess this is the sort of shot everyone went home with?

But as morning turned into afternoon, despite the sun being high in the sky, the light became somewhat crippling!

And whilst my back took some persuading, the low angle played dividends!

Finally a pic which summed up what the bird was up to and how many of these tiny morsels were needed?

Plus enough time to take a video or two...  What a magic day!