Wednesday, 8 May 2019

Venus Pool - Black Terns

The forecast screamed 'Terns' and duly delivered several reports, Arctic, Common but prominent amongst them were a number of Black Terns. Having failed at VP on the early shift I went over to the Meres only to find a partial clear out? There were none at Colemere and only 2 at White Mere but I had to hastily abandon a more thorough search with the news ... 'Black Tern at VP'! It didn't take me long to get back there!

With the rain was still pouring down... Perfect :-)

Eventually easing, with conditions becoming more enjoyable and less of a problem for the equipment!

Even more so, when one Black Tern became two and they were clearly in no mood to leave!!

I was shooting with manual focus and deleted probably 80% of these from the camera back views!

The banking head on moments are always a dependable angle to catch.

But it's nice to appreciate Black Terns from all angles. A final trilogy which I'll happily settle with,  considering the conditions!

Waders coming in over the next few days, I hope??