Sunday, 30 July 2017

Venus Pool - Osprey takes a plunge

Osprey must be like London buses? You miss one  and then suddenly they are queuing up for you! I haven't had chance to check through the 5 minute presence earlier in the day (more white sky) cos at 5.15, things got a little more interesting! For once it wasn't just about FXO hovering against a white sky :-)  A plunge and decent background sts the bird off so much better....

I swear that goose just honked WTF!

Hoping for a monster carp to emerge?

Sadly another 'miss'...

Although something is being carried in the left talon.. mud?

So let's head off and dry those wings out!

Ahhh...  greenery behind!

While the Geese look on in disbelief!

Flap flap...

And a much clearer view of the ring...

Well worth the wait methinks but could do with a fish!!


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