Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Venus Pool - Emperor Dragonfly

It's that time of year... Odonata - Dragonflies and Damselflies claim my attention! So stand by for a few posts relating to these :-) It's a good year for the Emperor Dragonfly, the UKs largest Dragonfly and with several present at VP holding territory a chance  for good views! I needed a full 700mm focal length for the perched shots, all taken from the hide, the Emperor perched at the waters edge...

Not the best of angles but you have to play the cards you're dealt!

I don't think I'd have got this close with a macro lens!!

The manoeuvrability of a 100-400mm lens is better suited to getting flight shots, the light wasn't helpful but they will do :-)

All taken using manual focus and fingers firmly crossed!

Never easy to keep up with them as the flight route is pretty random!

The closest approach!

The perfect way to kill an hour or two whilst the local birding is generally unproductive!

If you're thinking of spending some time getting to kno them, check out the odonata section of my website. You'll find out where to go and how to recognise all of the County has to offer...