Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Yellow-browed Warbler - take 2

It's always worth going back... On arrival at the site, a small group of birders were viewing from the opposite side of the road. Sensing they were on it, I was told it had been showing earlier on the outside of the copse but was not in view. It seemed like a good idea to check the favourite haunts of the Yellow-browed Warbler from Sunday?

Inspired moment or what - I was on it within seconds of checking inside the copse. Tucked away in the canopy...

But then dropping lower and in unobstructed view!

Crikey, despite the high contrast of strong sunlight, as good as I could have hoped for? I was now joined by a small throng!

A call?!

And then a final pose at the end of the branch!

Not a bad 2 minutes or so work!

It then disappeared and so did I - Iberian Chiffchaff at Granville?? Sounds like lightning striking twice!!

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