Sunday, 23 April 2017

Dingle - Night Heron finale

Setting the scene, this is the only Heron normally seen in this idyllic Shrewsbury garden known as The Dingle!

No superlatives in part one? Bloody hell, absolutely amazing, the Night Heron has not only flown towards us... but landed in a bank side bush in full view! It doesn't look close, does it but it's less than 10m from the bank!

The only questions being asked were, how quickly can I get the converter off and why hadn't I got a shorter focal length lens with me (again)

OK, Converter is now removed but it's still frame filling!!

And walking closer... OMG!

Now there's no alternative, a close up fest beckons...

I'm staying calm!

I was almost relieved when it flew back over to the other side of the pool? Noooo, it''s still too close! (Only kidding) :-)

And if you've never seen a Night Heron's tongue?

I walked around to the far bank - the shot I'd been hankering for - Shrewsbury Night Heron - in habitat!!

Just another ordinary day turned rather extraordinary!!! You couldn't have scripted this?