Thursday, 22 December 2016

St Asaph - Waxwings

We took a break from the Thrush vigil and walked over to the 'pharmacy' car park over the bridge where Waxwings have been performing well of late. Just in time I reckon as the few berries left will be gone in the next day or so and they will be moving on...

We had to wait 30 mins and then 30 Waxwings flew in, initially catching flies but every now and then flying down for berries :-)

Here's the best shots from 15 mins of action! 

Simply posing...

The dried berries don't look inviting but just like many fine wines made from shrivelled grapes, they probably taste soooo good?

Picking berries...

And occasionally dropping them!

This sequence was the one which caught my eye at the time of taking! Nothing better than that full flash of yellow!

Quick where's a berry, all the blood 's rushing to my head!

Mmmmm, tastes good :-)

Always exciting, always such an amazing bird in front of the lens, I've got 1,000s of images but can always use a few more?