Sunday 25 September 2016

Wood Lane - Pec at last

How times change, I checked back and I'd seen five Pectoral Sandpipers in Shropshire between 2004 and 2008. Nowadays, it's become a bit of a mega locally and it was a question of third time lucky this morning! I wasn't even meant to be birding, a talk on the Wirral had scuppered that but I thought I'd have a few minutes at Wood Lane, once I'd adjusted the normal route?

I'm glad I did as well....  when I was half way there, a couple of texts indicated it was on view!!

But it was never going to be close!

Generally feeding in the vegetation but.... once in a while at the waters edge.....

Showing off the nicely pointed breast streaking!

And the prominent scapular 'vees' typical of a juvenile.....

And just like the Bairds at Upton warren, local Lapwings the world over just hate (and chase) an alien wader!

One half decent record shot to save the day?

And then off on my journey to entertain folks with 'Nature in Focus'......