Sunday, 11 September 2016

Upton Warren - Baird's Sandpiper

September usually turns up a decent bird or two in the Midlands and Upton Warren once again scored with a Baird's Sandpiper found on Friday evening. A talk on Saturday afternoon scuppered any chance of going but with all my Sunday morning PC chores done, I set off.....

The reserve was looking amazing in the afternoon light!

I'd not wished to join the early 'scrum' and there was a bit of an exodus in progress as I arrived early afternoon - and NOT because the bird had gone! It was showing really well - in a birding sense, it was always going to be record shots given the location and size of the bird!

Having spent much of the previous two days on the far side, it spent virtually all the time I was there on the near bank. Clearly showing the typical Baird's long primary projection and scaly plumage pattern characteristic of a juvenile.

Let sleeping Lapwings lie?

Or this happens!

But it gives a great opportunity for flight shots :-)

A lovely view of that dark centred rump and uppertail....

Returning to feed once/twice more.....

An occasional preen.

And some images from the closest approach.....

Looking superb in the early evening light......

'Almost' a reflection!

This was my third Baird's Sandpiper, the other two were both seen in 2009. They were seen at  Traeth Dulas (Anglesey) plus an amazing experience with the really showy Marazion bird

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