Sunday, 19 June 2016

Typhoon - feisty finale

I'm not mad keen into aviation photography but when the chance presents itself - anything that flies - I'm up for a shot or two! So when my daughter suggested Welshpool Air Show as a Fathers day treat, I wasn't going to argue.....

I have a couple of cards full of images which will never the see the light of day (mainly due to the rain and overcast conditions) but here's a few, starting with the finish!!

And what a finish? I'd never witnessed a Typhoon close up before but almost certainly heard one above the clouds now I've heard that growling rumble of noise.....

A couple of nearby passes.......

And that's the pilot - not me causing the flip into a roll!

The sleek lines giving incredible maneauvreability

Every now and then enveloped in its own condensation cloud!

And none more so than the incredible vertical departure almost directly overhead!

My ears are still ringing!

Wow....Just wow!

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